Tuesday, 1 May 2018

We win, you win - and all for the love of great tasting food

We are the winners 

Before we reveal the winners in ous Caption Competition Rick @stokessauces would like to thank everyone who voted for Stokes in the Pride of Suffolk Food & Drinks Awards. "We're so proud to have won and thank everyone involved".


Competition winners  

Last week, Facebook followers were asked what Ned here (below) might be thinking about in our caption competition. What goes through his head as he slowly munches his way around the paddocks with the many other rescued animals at Stokes.

The winners were:
Martin Powis with
'...Hi there folks his name is Ned, he's got two horns stuck on his head, yes he's heard the old hump jokes, now send some lovely sauce from Stokes'

and: Cinzia Halfhouse with
'...To sauce or not to sauce? Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageously boring meals or to take arms against a sea of flavourless barbecues and by opposing, end them'
Does Cinzia live in Stratford perhaps ...well done both.

What else has been happening 
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Caption competition

Now for this week's caption competition.

Meet Bo (below) one of 'the pack' in the Stokes family. Bo is a happy dog, always smiling and glad to meet new friends. But what was she thinking when we took this photo? Post a great caption and we'll send you something tasty in the post.


You can enter our Facebook caption competition this week just by clicking on the image of Bo, above.

Stokes' social networking sites are always a good place to keep up to date with news, fun and foodie sharing such as these individual bangers in Yorkshires, shared recently for St George's Day:


...looks delicious.

And learn about the latest places that stock or serve sauces from Stokes such as here, travelling to Dunkirk with DFDS. You can now enjoy Stokes ketchups and mayonnaise from our sachets in the restaurant on board.


More foodie thoughts for the week:


International Hummus Day - who knew they'd taste so good here.


Gluten free baking for Coeliac Awareness Week here.


May Day is BBQ Day - gather ye round here.

If good food makes you happy
...adding Stokes will make you smile ;)


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