Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Stokes ultimate BBQ Competition

We love BBQs because... cuisine offers a vast range of culinary creativity. Gone is the charred burger, frazzled sausage or raw drumstick. 

Bring on the marvellous marinades and sensational sauces; salads for sharing and vegetables for grilling.

BBQs are fun for the family and feasting with friends.

Over the next few weeks we will celebrate a summer of beautiful barbecues by sharing recipes, marinades, salads and grilling tips - everything to make your al fresco feasting tastier than ever.

Excitingly, this all kicks off with the 22nd National Barbecue Week between 28th May and 3rd June.

The icing on the cake, or sizzle in the sausage, is Stokes Summer Sauces Competition and your chance to WIN The Ultimate BBQ, simply by telling us here: ‘Why you love barbecues’.

Stokes Summer Sauces Competition
 from 28th May to 15th July Prize

The First Prize is an amazing Grillstream BBQ (left) whose unique double grill means no flare-up, burn-free cooking and easier cleaning. 

The large cooking area, ergonomic design and stylish finish will sensationalise your garden cooking. 

Two independently operated stainless steel burners provide cooking flexibility and control. Use one burner alone and save on gas when cooking smaller meals. Alternatively you can direct grill with both burners for larger al fresco gatherings. 

The lucky winner also gets a full dinner set from Cornishware - a splendid collection of plates, bowls, cups & saucers to grace an elegant evening outdoors. Up

There will also be 10 Runners Up Prizes of British-grown, fast-lighting gourmet BBQ charcoal from The Oxford Charcoal Company and a personalised mug from Cornishware (above).   

ALL winners will also receive a selection of delicious Stokes BBQ sauces as well as a prestigious Stokes apron.
The competition is open from 28th May and closes on 15th July.

So, get thinking – why do you love barbecues? Let us know here and you could be a winner.

When it comes to BBQs, 
        Stokes brings the taste sauces, pickles, relish and mustards were made for BBQs - or were BBQs made for Stokes sauces? Whichever came first, chicken or egg, Stokes and BBQs were made for each other.

Stokes Original BBQ Sauce is thick and smoky with natural blossom honey and a molasses-style sweetness that can be used as an accompaniment, a marinade or a dipping sauce.

Stokes Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce is just that. To balance the heat of the chillis, it has even more molasses and honey to sweeten the initial smoky BBQ flavours, letting the spicy heat develop as an after flavour. Sweet & Sticky BBQ Sauce is another flavoursome variation, deeply sweet with a sensational kick of British horseradish and Worcestershire sauce to balance the sticky maple syrup.

Stokes Burger Relish is a red pepper, onion and tomato relish with subtle notes of chilli, made up in the style of a salsa. It promises to transform burgers into something really special.

Stokes Sticky Pickle is scrumptiously sticky with our own unique blend of vegetables in a sweet and spicy sauce made with molasses and black treacle.

Stokes Classic English Mustard is perfect with a beef burger, a strong yet smooth take on the classic mustard without the 'burn'. If you like mustard we think you'll love this!

Other Summer Essentials

Stokes Award-Winning Tomato Ketchup and it's tasty family of ketchups:
They each have a place in a marvellous marinade.

 Chipotle Ketchup,Chilli Ketchup, Curry Ketchup and Bloody Mary Ketchup

Stokes Real Mayonnaise or any of our delicious Mayonnaises:

They all sit well with any salad or give a velvet smooth luster to a fresh, crispy slaw. 

Try the creamy aioli of Stokes Garlic Mayonnaise
the jalapeno hit of our ChilliMayonnaise
the vibrant zing of our Lemon Mayonnaise
the ‘must-have-more’ magic of our Mustard & Honey Mayonnaise;
or the Mediterranean hint of garlic and oregano in our Blushed Tomato Mayonnaise

Look out for some great BBQ recipes 
and al fresco feasting tips next week.

More foodie thoughts for the week:

National Fish & Chip Day - just got to love it here.

Social sharing - it's foodie heaven  here.

The ultimate salads for the ultimate BBQs here.

If good food makes you happy
...adding Stokes will make you smile ;)


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  1. Because they enhance the flavour of the meat

  2. Foods just food till you STOKES it

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  4. You can never compare the aroma and taste of barbecued meat with that of meat cooked with gas. The smoke enhances the taste of the former.

  5. You can never compare the taste of barbecued meat with that cooked with gas. The smoke enhances the taste of meat prepared on coal.

  6. Without stokes meat is just meat

  7. Stock up on stokes.
    What you waiting for, get stoking !!

  8. BBQed Garlic Prawn Kebabs are the highlight of my summer, I look forward to getting them on the BBQ every year!

  9. Saucy stokes,sizzling steaks and sensational sauce.
    Stokes signals summer!

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